Malleus - Items tagged as "Malleus 2007"

Organic meets Orgasmic -- Enter the powerful art collective known as Malleus. From the rich organic flow of Art Nouveau, through the psychedelic turmoil of the 60’s ‘Summer of Love’. Malleus creates a unique fusion of artistic influences with a flare for the macabre that can only be described as raw, sensual, mystical, beautiful, peaceful, and powerful all at once. Malleus’ use of the female form throughout the body of their work evokes such deep emotion and passion. The focus is on the power and beauty of woman, both as a facet and a force of nature. Woman is both the plant and the fruit, in which she simultaneously is the creator and the created. There is the overwhelming feeling of the struggle of good versus evil and creator versus destroyer all fused together in one provoking moment. 

That moment is Malleus.